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A new generation of armored doors designed to combine an innovative product in terms of technology and performance with a next generation custom design.



Creativity, importance of details combine the functionality and design characteristics for the making of doors in classic or timeless modern minimalism for a conscientious clientele who want to stand out from the normal.


EDILGIOVINAZZO SNC di Giovinazzo Rocco e Simone  |  Sede legale: Via Sant’Anna, 41  |  18033 CAMPOROSSO (IM)

        Show Room/Uffici: Via Aurelia, 22  |  18033 CAMPOROSSO Mare (IM) - P.Iva 01527080087

       Tel./Fax. 0184 250694    email: edil.giovinazzo@libero.it

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P. Iva 01527080087

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