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The EDIL GIOVINAZZO SnC is able to secure any kind of maintenance and restructuring for any types of buildings, responding timely, professionally and economically. This is possible thanks to the diversification and specialization of the different teams working in close collaboration with our technicians accustomed to acting  effectively in various operations situations.


EDILGIOVINAZZO SNC di Giovinazzo Rocco e Simone  |  Sede legale: Via Sant’Anna, 41  |  18033 CAMPOROSSO (IM)

        Show Room/Uffici: Via Aurelia, 22  |  18033 CAMPOROSSO Mare (IM) - P.Iva 01527080087

       Tel./Fax. 0184 250694    email: edil.giovinazzo@libero.it

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P. Iva 01527080087

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